male life model in connecticut

i've created this facebook group in celebration of my 100th life modeling gig on july 14th, 2019! i will post updates about my recent and future life modeling gigs; humorous, entertaining and sometimes strange experiences along the way, and related stuff. please join! :)

brian s. life model facebook group

here's links to some recent articles on the page ...

how i got into this strange side gig

sessions types and formats

the ritual


the modeling kit

changing rooms

poses, part 1: researching, developing, and choosing

poses, part 2: executing

space, time, and spacetime

chatting classes

(un-)clothed encounters of the, uh, sketch(y) kind ... eh, i got nothing (on) *or* two nuns, a rabbi, a close friend of mine, and a young indian woman walk into my life modeling session ...

more than just birthday suits: clothing makes the model, and occasionally the life modeling session

art schools and college / university art classes

open drawing & painting sessions at art centers, studios, galleries and museums

burning man